ERFA Textile

The business started its production by producing knit fabric for domestic market in 1996. Since 2005, it has focused on foreign customers , gained a continuous and improving acceleration. With its customer-oriented strategy, it continues to produce for its prominent brands.

We operate in a 4500 m² closed area in Bayrampaşa / İstanbul. Our business has an annual 1.500.000 production capacity.


As a customer satisfaction-oriented business we aim to contribute to both our country ‘s and world’s economy in textile sector.


We represent a technologically integrated understanding , we are sensitive to enviromental and ecological values and we prioritize work safety and human well-being while being pioneers in competition.


To aim continuous progress with our open-mindedness to innovations and technological developments

To meet our customers’ expectations in a quick and effective way without sacrificing quality

To develop qualified service awareness particularly in management,

To increase our domestic and foreign customers’ satisfaction by systematically and constantly improving

To find quick and effective solutions for problems as a team

To maintain a reliable and peaceful working environment and to develop respectful communication between our employees

To minimize our potential damage to the environment by prioritizing enviromental and ecological values

To cooperate with our suppliers on a base of trust

To reach an aimed qualified level with a planned and systematic organization as to maintain sustainability in quality

To take all necessary precautions for our employees well being and safety